Thursday, August 12, 2010

If wishes were horses pigs would fly

If wish were horses, thats what they say.. I like to fantasize, had this article been published, I'd have been inspired to write something more..I'd like to imagine leaving pharmacy in my final year, joining an armature journal's club, move up to feature in champak, debonair, outlook(nahh..leave that), forbes, peoples magazine, the newyorker. At the same time writing short stories, novels about you know what...and finally being nominated for the Man Booker 2015. I'd secretly prepare for the "thank you" speech as well, while sitting on the 'think pan' for men. But alas, the Damn article was rejected by none other than our princi and on top of that, he threw it on may face and asked me to get the hell out of his chamber.( who the hell wanted to be in there, anyway!!!)

Anyway, I got this copy lying in my mail box, after I scanned it couple of years back( before i feared the hard copy would get lost, and one day actually it did). 

Have a look and judge for yourself if the world lost a Salman Rushdie or what?

BTW: Aspiration is/was the name of our annual college festival....Vision is/was the name of our college magazine,which would get published around the same time as the fest.


Anonymous said...

awesome dude... what does the crappy old Mohan knows about dark comedy....btw the harry potter reff was 4 me...?????????????


Aniruddha Banerjee said...

u guessed it

halfticket said...

We haven't lost another Salman Rushdie. He's just caught in the wrong job...