Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ok lets begin..

I've been thinking of doing this thing from a long time.. call it my laziness or whatever but i think when you really want to do something useful, thoughts come up from different angles and you end up being totally confused or jaded.. Bored and frustrated you again fall back to your so called space- which later you realize that its anything but yours, and ponder if the thing that your boss told you was indeed true, that you are a lazy piece of scum that would only look good in a frying pan and not in a business suit..
Your creative ideas starts getting blurred as you try to manage between office, home, friends, relations and if you are seeing someone, that would be the icing on a cake.. Until one day when you suddenly realize that you are not a creative person anymore.. that the dream of becoming an ad guru or a hot shot actor-director-producer is restricted only to your tiny pea sized brain and all you do is do accounts for your company- which by no hell is creative, sir.
So one night you dream about a group of people sharing your thoughts your ideas giving you advices praising your work saying how blessed are we to have each other.. bla bla bla.. it a feeling of belonging there that enchants you the most. oh what a place it is.. filled with poets and not with managers and accountants.. filled with people saying "look at his work i only wish if i could.."
and not with people saying "look at his work only if i had a chance.."
Life sucks no doubt about that but there is a way to let your imagination go wild and the best part is people might not even see your work, but its out there.. Its blogging..and I've just begun and how!!
As much as i enjoyed writing this i see myself a regular jotter of blogs in my page as i find blogging a good way to socialize with wise-cracks and jackasses just like me.. what say..