Saturday, October 1, 2011


Take me down with you
to a place unknown to all
where the sun still shines bright
over the mountain fall

Take me down with you 
and hold my fingers tight
through the dense forest of Neverland
where lotus and pearls thrive

A wood so deep 
that it swallows my pride
gallops through time
and bathes me in moonlight

Shining, through the cut of  ice
when the ray will pass
tenderly wrapped and taken care by
the warmth of my lass

And when the night will fall
I'll never mind the darkness
will listen to the wind
and what the wood says

if I am being welcomed 
I will stay close
work upon my weakness
and will never let it grow

However if I am being asked to leave
I'll bow graciously
'cause that place will be pious
and certainly not for me

I'll feel low rejected
and depressed once again
will you still hold me tight
and say to me again

That from next time on
I'll have to be stronger
see the truth face the fear
and walk tall longer

And the next morning 
when I face the ice capped mountain
I'll know what is up front
and with respect I'll begin

That from the time I've begun 
till the day I'm finished
with love for you in my heart
I'll not perish

And the day I conquer you
I'll stand tall on your chest
look at the sky 
and the entire human race

But this time I'll learn from the woods
that only time is true
For I know what I've done
so can you.